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Our patients' smiles tell the whole story. Bring us your dental problems and we'll work together to find solutions.

Testimonial 3


"Dr. Lisa you make me beautiful! "


"Patient: "P,G." || Treatment :Porcelain Crowns on front and back teeth to restore lost tooth from heavily worn teeth.

Testimonial 1


"I'm really happy that I fixed my smile."


Patient: "J.G." | Treatment: 6 Porcelain Veneers.

Testimonial 2


"I wish I had done these implants 15 years ago when I was actively speaking at engagements"


Patient:  "R.M."  || Treatment: Full Dentures supported by Implants


Testimonial 4


"Dr. Lindström did a great job and made my teeth whiter and straighter while I was on sabbatical from my profession. She finished them off beautifully right before Christmas so I could get back to my busy work/travel schedule in January.  She also helped my snoring by making me a Sleep Apnea Appliance. "


"Patient: "A.B" || Treatment : 10 Porcelain Veneers to correct chipped, stained and crooked teeth, and Sleep Apnea Appliance."

Testimonial 5


"When I met Dr. Lindström, my intention was to do porcelain crowns and veneers on all my top and bottom teeth. Dr. Lindström gave me a free consultation to discuss this and she convinced me that I did not really need to do anything to my lower teeth in order to get the smile looking great. Instead, she suggested some minor tooth shaping of the lower teeth and once I did the porcelain crowns and veneers and porcelain bridge on my upper teeth, I couldn't believe what a wonderful difference it made to my face.

I'm going to be 60 soon, so I notice that I don't look like I used to, so fixing my teeth made all the difference. I wish I had done them 30 years ago, because I have been living with a big gap in my front teeth. 

I 'm going to do some more implants and another bridge on the rest of my missing tooth areas. Thank you Dr. Lindström "


"Patient: "B.D" || Treatment : 6 Porcelain Crowns/Veneers, 1 All-porcelain bridge on the upper teeth, minor tooth shaping on the lower front teeth"

Testimonial 6


"I have never met a dentist as gentle as Dr. Lindström. I never feel a thing."


"Patient: "T.K" || Treatment : 1 Porcelain Crown for a molar that had root canal and was starting to fracture"

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